Computer Literacy For Displaced Workers in Our Communities

A few years ago I was a displaced worker with no computer skills. In our community a few companies and the local college had put together a community outreach program where people donated their time to teach computer literacy to displaced workers. This program taught the basics of hardware, software, internet search skills, and the basics in office software.

The displaced workers were screened by volunteers to qualify. The qualifications for this program were having low income and the applicant did not qualify for any other type of help. The object of this program was to reach out to those who might otherwise fall through the cracks. In other words they did not qualify for any government program but their circumstances would not allow them to go to school so they could learn these skills.

They did charge us a small fee for the book and supplies. They found that to charge a fee helped the students be more committed to the program. The teachers came from the businesses that helped put the program together. They would have a computer technician from one of the businesses come with an old computer and take it apart for the students to see all the parts. It made us less afraid of the computer. We met two hours on two nights of the week. We were given assignments to do at home on our personal computer.

Would not it be great if more communities were that committed to raising the income level of all its members? To me this is a true community action group. You hear of those who go other places to help those in need. Those are worthy causes and we are all grateful to those who take those opportunities. Seldom do we look right in our own community and see some action that needs to be taken.

This program gave me the skills I needed to get a better job. This, in turn, raised my family's income level. This save me the opportunity to help my children learn better skills. It was such a wonderful opportunity for me. I am so grateful for those who donated their time to help me.

Source by Rosalie McOmber

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