Computer Fatigue Syndrome – What Causes Computer Fatigue and How to Find Relief

Computer fatigue syndrome is becoming more and more endemic as computers become common place in every day life, whether we use them for our jobs, entertainment, research or school.

If you find it hard to work at your computer for long periods of time and are plagued by symptoms such as eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness & headaches, red, dry or burning eyes and low energy you are experiencing symptoms of the syndrome that has become known as computer fatigue.

Most people just don’t realize how enervating working at a computer for long periods of time can be. Just trying to stay focused on the tasks you are doing can be a major challenge.

So what causes computer fatigue syndrome? Aside from the physical aches and pains of the syndrome which can be caused from ergonomic problems, the big culprit is the electromagnetic pollution emitted from computers, especially computer monitors.

We are all exposed to negative energies not only from electromagnetic fields in computers, appliances, cell phones, power lines, etc., but also from the earth (radiation of underground water, storm or sewage pipes, caves or mineral bodies).

These energies have a negative affect on your body and sap your strength as you work causing you to be less and less productive and to feel like it’s hard to stay focused on the task at hand.

The electromagnetic pollution combined with the glare from looking at a computer monitor screen especially contributes to the tired, burning itchy eyes and headaches that many of us experience after being on the computer for awhile.

The most important thing you can do to deal with this is to counteract the source of the problem in the first place which is the electromagnetic fields being produced by the computer.

And surprisingly this is relatively easy and affordable to do. I have been able to alleviate these symptoms which used to have a severe affect on me with some very simple solutions.

Source by Yvette Vanda

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