Computer Crash – How to Fix Computer Crashes

A computer crash happens when your computer suddenly stops responding or unexpectedly shuts down. It will bring your computer to a complete state of halt. You may encounter the “Blue Screen of Death” indicating an error in your system. This is a common complaint among computer users. No operating system is immune. A simple reboot would sometimes do the work but crashing is a telltale sign that something is wrong in your computer. It is important to know the causes so you can avoid this problem from happening in the future. Below are three suggested tips on how to fix computer crashes:

1. Remove spyware and viruses. New viruses appear and infect computers every day. Your system may have been infected without you knowing. These viruses can cause computer crashes. Always run a scan and check for these malicious files hiding in your computer. Delete them from your hard drive. Make sure to keep your virus definitions updated and always download the latest security updates.

2. Avoid overheating. Computer crashing can occur when the computer has been running for awhile. If your CPU becomes too hot because of prolonged usage, the hardware parts will overheat and fail. Place your computer in a well-ventilated room. Always see to it that air circulates well inside your computer, that the fan is working, and vents are not blocked.

3. Fix Windows Registry. Registry errors are the most common cause for computer crash. The Windows Registry contains all vital information the computer references in order to operate. When your computer was brand new, the registry was in pristine condition. Over time, it gets disorganized because of new entries being added. Some entries become obsolete and no longer wanted. The registry therefore needs to be regularly cleaned. But manual cleaning is very difficult unless you are a computer expert. Removing the wrong registry entry can cause serious damage. For non experts, you need to have a registry cleaner installed. This software will fix all the registry errors it can find. It will locate invalid and useless entries and repair them.

Having a good registry cleaner will restore your computer’s original condition. You will be able to enjoy its speed and performance. More importantly, you can avoid computer crashes in the future.

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