Comctl32 Dll Windows 7 Error Closes Explorer Unexpectedly: Fix It Now!

Windows 7 is latest release of Microsoft which is new version of operating system. It is equipped with high-tech features and has good compatibility as compared to previous versions. Although it is designed with improved features but still it is not error-free. Most of the Windows 7 users report that they experience Comctl32.dll windows 7 errors while using any program or installing certain applications. It has been observed that when you try to start the explorer it closes unexpectedly and your screen flashes with different types of error messages. Some forms of error messages are cited below:

  • Comctl32.dll is missing
  • Cannot find path
  • This application fails to start because Comctl32_dll not found. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem
  • Windows could not start because Windows rootsystem32Comctl32.dll is missing

When the error appears you are unable to open Windows Explorer and various other applications. Actually the mentioned file is Windows Common Control Library file which is responsible for the execution of applications so when it gets damaged or deleted the programs unable to execute. So, in order to start the explorer you need to fix Comctl32.dll windows 7 errorimmediately.

Cause of Error

Such types of errors appear due to missing or corrupt.dll files. Since these files contain important installation and execution informations of the application so any type of damage in these files restrict the execution of programs. Generally the file gets damaged due to following reasons:

  • Improper installation of application
  • Virus attack
  • Hardware failure
  • Corruption in registry

In order to start the execution of your system applications you have to fix Comctl32.dll windows 7 errors by replacing the corrupt dll file with a new one. You can also fix the error by using following steps:

  • Reinstall the program that uses this file
  • If the file is deleted accidentally then restore it from recycle bin
  • Check the hard drive errors and update the drivers
  • Reinstall Windows updates
  • System restore may solve the problem
  • Use genuine registry cleaner

You can fix Comctl32.dll windows 7 errors by using above mentioned steps. But use of registry cleaner is one of the best options to completely get rid of errors because it will properly scan the Windows registry and repair the corrupt or damaged dll files. It will also enhance your system performance and offers smooth execution of applications.

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